Personalized Dog Treats

Gift the lovable pup in your life something extra special with treats that are personalized with their name! Please order at least two weeks in advance to ensure we have time to freshly bake your personalized treats!

Delight your dog with our natural, bark-worthy treats! 

Made with natural ingredients, no preservatives, and no added sugar, these treats are great for every day treating occasions. 

Every Day Treat Collection

Natural Ingredients. Small Batch. Handmade with Love.

Picture of a beet, eggs, cinnamon sticks, spinach, coconut flakes, and bowls of peanut butter, yogurt, and wheat flour on a cutting board.

Our Ingredients

We use 100% real ingredients for all of our treats.

Even our dyes are derived from dog-friendly plant sources like beets, spinach, and tumeric!

No added sugar or salt goes into our treats.

All of our treats are handmade and baked in small batches to maintain high quality.

Go ahead, treat your pup!